Features and Specifications

Runs on Sun's Solaris 2.x or higher

Compatible with all versions of Mac OS including Open Transport

No special software required on the Mac OS clients

Supports EtherTalk Phase 1 & 2, FDDI, CDDI, 100baseT, ISDN, LocalTalk, ARA and ATM/LAN emulation.

AppleShare compatible - supports AFP 2.0 and 2.1 and random number exchange for password authentication. Compliant with Apple's AppleTalk Verification Suite

Full internet router (RTMP/NBP/ZIP/AARP)

Yellow Pages (NIS, NIS+) compatible

Supports file systems larger then 4 GB using Sun's DiskSuite, or other disk striping or concatenation software

Supports and PostScript compatible output device, including RIPs and image setters

Supports optical drives and other external storage devices


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