Easy Configuration and Administration

uShare requires minimal configuration to get your server up and running  Simply define a portion of the UNIX file system as a uShare volume and Mac OS users are ready to connect. To make UNIX as  user friendly as possible, IPTech has developed MacAdmin, and intuitive GUI-based administration tool for uShare. MacAdmin allows users to set up their file server, configure their system, manage their print spoolers, control all processes and administer users and groups. Users on both platforms can share files in the same space, without leaving their native environemnt.

Harnessing the Power of UNIX

Unlike Mac OS file servers, a uShare server is backed by the performance only a preemptive multitasking environment like UNIX can provide. Because UNIX is designed to manage many tasks at once, uShare  offers swift service to 100 or more clients as easily as it does to just a handful. uShare is multi-thread savvy and will take full advantage of today's multiprocessor systems. And, since uShare works with today's  fast networking standards like 100baseT and FDDI, as your network hardware improves, so will uShare's performance.

Format Flexibility

In addition to the connectivity solution uShare provides, it also offers tremendous flexibility in file formats for easy server migration. uShare easily converts competitive products' file  formats and can be configured to store information in any of the following:

uShare (proprietary)
AppleSingle format (ASF)
AppleDouble format (ADF)

Beyond File Sharing

Besides providing a reliable file server for your network, uShare also provides a centralized system for backing up all networked Mac OS systems to a central file server. A single administrator can back up all Mac OS clients without have to administer each one individually.

uShare can be integrated with IPTech's entire family of Mac OS and UNIX networking products. By adding uPrint, IPTech's print spooling service, Mac OS and UNIX users may share printing devices between  platforms. When jobs are ready to print, uPrint spools the job to the UNIX spooler, eliminating the delays often associated with printing directly from a Mac OS client. As soon as the job is spooled, your Mac OS client is immediately free for other work. And uPrint allows multiple clients to simultaneously print to the same spooler, improving productivity for all networked clients.


Features and Specifications: