Advanced Prepress Solution

CanOPI is an integrated package that includes file sharing, Open Prepress Interface (OPI), print spooling, and print queue management to streamline your prepress workflow. By relying on uShare,  IPTechís UNIX to Mac OS connectivity solution, CanOPI allows MacOS clients to connect to a UNIX host and store high-resolution images that might otherwise use up precious local disk space. CanOPI will generate low-resolution copies of these images for placement in documents using page layout applications like QuarkXPress® or InDesign®. Users manipulate only the low-resolution version of images in their documents resulting in dramatic improvements in application performance. The layout application can manipulate these images just like any other high-resolution image. When the document is printed, CanOPIís print spooler will replace the low-resolution placement images with the appropriate high-resolution originals as it passes the job to the designated output device.

CanOPI Speeds Up the Workflow

Not only does CanOPI eliminate the unbelieveable demands for disk space and RAM on your Mac OS client, it also provides users with a fast and efficient means of printing large documents. While direct  printing can slow your Mac OS system to a crawl, CanOPI lets clients spool print jobs directly to the UNIX host, without delays for print-processing. On output, the OPI server automatically locates high-resolution images and substitutes them on the fly at print time. The result is a tremendous increase in productivity as the workstation is free immediately and a high-performace RISC-based UNIX computer does all the  work,  replacing the images and sending the print job to the RIP.
Users can view the print queues and get the current status of printers at their client workstations. Jobs can be suspended, reordered and  even resubmitted by users with the proper access priviledges. Errors in printing are reported directly to the workstation of the user who submitted the job.

CanOPI System Administration

CanOPI may run on a UNIX system, but administration and configuration can easily be done from your Mac OS client without entering a single UNIX command. To make UNIX as user-friendly as possible,  IPTech has developed MacAdmin™, a GUI-based administration tool that resides on the Mac OS client, providing a quick and intuitive means of configuring CanOPI. MacAdmin allows users to set up their file server, configure their system, manage their print spoolers, control all print processes and administer users and groups, all within the user-freindly Mac OS interface.

CanOPI Specifications

CanOPI Features