CanOPI Summary of Features

Tightly integrated with IPTech's uShare/uPrint product line

Sub-samples high-resolution images on output to the maximum resolution of the output device. (Unique in the industry)

Complies with Aldus OPI 1.3

Allows for color proofing.

Supports the following file formats: All TIFF CMYK & RGB JPEG and LZW, EPS, DCS 1 and 2.0, PICT, Scitex CT with APR, Kodak Photo CD.

Unlimited configurable image search paths.

Automatic drag and drop creation of low-resolution placeholder images with the original high-resolution versions.

Support for PC viewable preview images.

Low-resolution files can be printed off line without high-resolution files allowing complete jobs to be transported and printed from removeable media.

Flexible low-resolution options: High res TIFF to low res EPS, high res EPS to low res TIFF, as well as standard TIFF to TIFF or EPS to EPS.

Supports full range of colorization options as well as irregular cutouts and clipping paths.

Multiple low-resolution options in the same volume including variable resolution placement image.

Supports embedded or recursive EPS files.

Available low resolution generation and OPI parsing from callable UNIX programs.

Flexible open data flow for custom tool additions, e.g. trapping, resource checking, imposition, archiving, etc.

Print spooling allows Macintosh users to print jobs on any network PostScript printer.

Simple GUI administration to configure queues and output devices.

Support for font cacheing and inclusion of downloaded fonts.

Support for TCP/IP printers, SRV4 "lp". print-to-disk, and shared memory API, as well as traditional AppleTalk PAP devices.

Configurable PostScript initalization set-up strings.

Error messages from the printer are displayed in an alert box to the originator of the print job anywhere on the network.

Full GUI-based drag-and-drop printer queue manipulation - move jobs in a queue, from queue to queue, and reprint old jobs.

Set up multiple queues for the same printer, but with different attributes (paper tray, dpi of output device, etc.)

CanOPI Specifications