CanOPI Specifications

Runs on a Sun SPARC or compatible workstation running Solaris 2.3 or higher, with a minimum of 32 MB free memory and 15 MB free disk space.

Dynamically loadable AppleTalk driver

Compatible with TCP/IP, NFS, ARA, Ethertalk I & II, IPX, LocalTalk, DECnet, OSI, Token Ring and FDDI, 100BaseT.

AppleShare compatible - supports AFP 2.0 & 2.1 and random-number exchange for password authentication.

Full internet router (RTMP/NBP/ZIP/ARAP).

Supports file systems larger then 4GB using Sun's DiskSuite.

Yellow Pages (NIS, NIS+) compatible.

Supports and PostScript-compatible output device, including RIPs & Imagesetters.

Compatible with Sun's NeWSprint.

Stores resources and data forks separately.

All software is Sun-resident.

Will not interfere with telnet.

Supports record locking where already supported.

Supports GatorBox, EtherRoute, Dayna EtherPrint and Shiva FastPath among others.

Supports optical drives and other external storage devices.

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