IPTech's workflow product for the OEM market integrates Adobe's Extreme architecture for digital imaging and IPTech's current line of prepress applications. With a Web browser-based interface, nAct makes prepress workflows easier to configure,  maintain and monitor and is designed for scalable, distributed multi-vendor environments. Any IPTech partner can offer an integrated suite of proven prepress solutions. nAct's open workflow architecture also enables IPTech's OEM partners to customize and expand the workflow's capabilities by turning new or legacy applications into nAct Job Ticket Processors (JTPs)
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CanOPI™ is an integrated OPI software solution for the publishing industry. CanOPI takes full advantage of distributed client/server networks and eliminates the need to manipulate large, high-resolution image files. Users store a central archive  of JPEG, EPS, DCS, TIFF and Scitex images on a Windows file server, from which CanOPI automatically generates low-resolution files for page layout work. Users then work with these corresponding low-resolution, For-Position-Only (FPO) files, in their documents. At print time, the high-resolution image replaces the FPO image while retaining all design adjustments made to the FPO. CanOPI quickly frees client workstations for further work and provides a dramatic reduction in network traffic, therefore increasing the productivity of your prepress workflow. CanOPI also can be linked to IPTech's ScatterProof, the advanced image proofing software for Windows® .
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TurboRIP is IPTech's high-speed Raster Image Processor for Windows Server. TurboRIP combines the power of Windows with the flexibility of an intuitive, multi-platform Java interface. TurboRIP offers the advantage of a gunuine Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter, while allowing you to take advantage of the raw power in today's competitive hardware market. TurboRIP is an ideal solution in today's multi-platform prepress environments, accepting print jobs through the Windows print system and the Macintosh Chooser.
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ScatterProof™ automates the tedious task of opening, copying, and placing image files. It allows users to easily view and proof images from multiple folders and output to screen, paper, or film. Users can specify how each image should appear in proofing, and control all parameters. They can select page size, decide image placement and add identifying text while viewing images on  screen as positional boxes or thumbnails. Also, ScatterProof links to CanOPI, creating excellent image proofing while working with low-res FPO sample  files that are automatically replaced with their high-res counterparts during final output.
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