Save Time by Automating Tedious Tasks

ScatterProof automates the tedious task of opening, copying, and placing individual files. It allows users to easily view and proof images from multiple folders and output to screen, paper or film.

View Images Exactly How You Want

Users can specify how each image should  appear in proofing, and control all parameters. They can select page size, decide image placement and add identifying text while viewing images on screen as positional boxes or thumbnails. Images can also be viewed at their actual size or scaled. ScatterProof can output to a print device or PostScript file and all settings can be conveniently saved for future use.
Images can be overlaid on each other.


• Automatically search for images in an unlimited number of user designed recursive paths.
• Configure page size, margin guides, and spacing between graphics.
• Add additional textual information under each image including image name, image type, image dimensions, file size, creation date, and modification date.
• Two template types: Free Layout and Constrained Layout. In Free Layout, place all images at the original scanned size. In Constrained Layout, scale images to any defined size and sort images by image name, image type, file size, or creation date.
• Work with low-resolution FPO sample files and link to CanOPI™, IPTech’s Open Prepress Interface, so that FPO images are automatically replaced with high-resolution originals during output.
• Two preview modes: Positional or Thumbnail. Preview images on screen before committing to final output. View extended information by clicking on the preview image.
• Use drag-and-drop to manually reposition images on screen and fine tune image placement.
• ScatterProof supports EPS, DCS, TIFF, Scitex CT, Scitex LW, and JPEG image formats.

Easily view and proof many different images from various folders. Double click on images to view extended information.