Reduce Network Traffic, Increase Productivity
   with New CanOPI 3.1

CanOPI™ is an integrated OPI software  solution for the publishing industry.CanOPI takes full advantage of distributed client/server networks and eliminates the need to manipulate large, high-resolution image files. Users store a central archive of  JPEG, EPS, DCS, TIFF,and Scitex images on a Windows file server, from which  CanOPI automatically generates low-resolution files for page layout work. Users then work with these corresponding low-resolution, For-Position-Only  (FPO) files, in their documents. At print time, the high-resolution image replaces the FPO image while retaining all design adjustments made to the FPO. CanOPI quickly frees client workstations for further work and provides a dramatic reduction in network traffic, therefore increasing the productivity of your prepress workflow.

Easy to Install and Configure

Installation and configuration of  CanOPI is a snap using the CanOPI Installation Wizard and the Windows  Administration Wizards that guide you through the process. By following the steps on the screen, you can create Mac ® OS-accessible folders, set access privileges, and configure OPI printers. Additionally, CanOPI's user-friendly interface utility provides a single  location from which users can define FPO Sample Generation, Picture Replacement, Job Spooling parameters, and more.


CanOPI NT 3.1 brochure in PDF