Features List

FPO Sample Generation

True event-driven sample generation allowing automatic generation of sample files from an unlimited number of user-defined input folders and subfolders.

Automatic update of samples when high-resolution images are renamed or edited

Automatic deletion of samples when high-resolution images are deleted from the Mac OS or PC client machines.

Easy configuration of sample generation using Wizards.

Generate samples from EPS, DCS v1 & v2, TIFF, Scitex CT, Scitex LW, JPEG and Pre-Separated 1- & 8-bit TIFF files.

Generate "Web Ready" JPEG files from TIFF, CT and LW file formats.

Generate multiple sample files, each with different settings, from a single high-resolution file.

Supports both Mac OS and PC clients.

Easy configuration of sample generation options for individual or multiple folders via advanced GUI administration tool.

Flexible storage of samples, either together with the high-resolution images or in a separate "samples only" hierarchy.

Store high-resolution images and documents on the server; sample images may be relocated or distributed to client machines as desired.

Picture Replacement Options

Automatic replacement of FPO samples with high-resolution images for fast production and print spooling.

Compatible with most image replacement systems, including Aldus OPI, Adobe OPI andScitex APR.

Recursive option automatically parses included images for further OPI comments.

Efficient picture replacement options for color proofing provide automatic image subsampling and DCS merging.

Additional proofing option converts color data to grayscale for output to grayscale devices.

On-the-fly separation of Photoshop™ CMYK EPS files during picture replacement decreases network traffic and increases RIP performance.

Automatically searches for missing images in user-configurable recursive search paths.

Missing Graphics feature provides an option to abort a print job if an image cannot be found.

Rotation, scaling and cropping information preserved from the sample files when replaced by the high-resolution images.

Picture replacement occurs on-the-fly, removing expensive disk storage requirements.

Print Management

Clients can print to any local or network printer using Windows print spooling system.

Print multiple jobs through multiple queues to multiple output devices.

Group several printers together to provide automatic load-balancing.

Delete jobs after printing or keep them on hand for resubmission.

Set available printing hours for each printer.

Spool PostScript™ files from any source, irrespective of origin.

Monitor comprehensive job information such as included image, job start, job completion and total printing times, through server-based Message Monitor™.

See information pertaining to missing graphics or FPO generation problems through dedicated Message Monitor Error Log window.

Additional message logs provide useful feedback for FPO generation and job spooling.


CanOPI NT 3.1 brochure in PDF